Successful Claims and Client Testimonials

We are writing to say a huge thank you for assisting us in the withdrawal of our timeshare contract.

As you are aware, we were both extremely anxious about having signed the contract after hearing many horror stories and reading countless negative reviews online.

You were so understanding and sympathetic to our situation. You kept in constant contact with us, explaining everything very clearly, which was extremely reassuring to us.

We were also amazed at how quickly and efficiently this was dealt with. Within a week of us contacting yourself, you had managed to get a written confirmation from the timeshare company, confirming that our contract had been cancelled.

We are so relieved and extremely grateful for all your help.

We will certainly recommend you if, God forbid, anyone we know should happen to get involved with a timeshare.

Mr and Mrs H, Surrey


I cannot recommend Timeshare Help enough for releasing me from my Westgate timeshare. In 2010, as a UK expat, I was working in the Middle East. It was during a trip to Florida I was duped into buying a Westgate timeshare. My work commitments were making it difficult and near impossible to use it. Having looked at a number of companies that claim that they can free you from your timeshare nightmare, I soon realised that they were also part of the of the timeshare problem as they all wanted upfront fees.

In early 2012, by chance I saw an advertisement in one of the UK national papers of a company that claimed they can use legal procedures to get you out of your time share with a promise of a

NO WIN NO FEE service.

I followed this up and after speaking with Chris I soon realised this company was very different from all the rest. They were very experienced in their knowledge of the problems with Westgate and timeshare in general and they promised me that no contract cancelled really did mean NO FEE payable.

The process took almost a year due to Westgate making it very difficult due to my location. Timeshare Help actually had to send my documents via courier to Abu Dhabi where I was working and whilst on holiday in Hong Kong I had to visit a notary to get this done. I am now free from this unwanted financial burden. Throughout the dealings, Timeshare Help kept me updated with the progress until the successful release was obtained. If you have a timeshare you are stuck with do not hesitate to contact Timeshare Help for help with timeshare termination.

Yours Sincerely

Mr Bain

Mr & Mrs Bowers from Wilmslow received a refund of £1,200 from a True Valid Claim

Dear Chris

Thank you so much for working so hard to get us our money back for the Club Class timeshare scam we unwittingly got into.
We were so thrilled to receive our cheque for £8,000. You were so kind and determined that we would win and explained to us all the way so we did not give up hope! Your service is excellent and we know that many more people will have success with their timeshare claims through you and your team.

Yours sincerely

January 2014

Mrs H from Buckinghamshire refunded £28,005.67

Mr M from Tyne And Wear refunded £17,540.76

Mr L from Liverpool refunded £14,350.17

Mr & Mrs Brady from Kent received a refund of £17500.00 from an Incentive Leisure Group Membership

Mr Davidson from Lockerbie, Scotland received a refund of £6500.00 from an Incentive Leisure Group Membership

Mr & Mrs Holt from West Yorkshire received a refund of £10996.00 from an Incentive Leisure Group Membership - See Testimonial

Mr & Mrs Hill from Bristol had their claim turned down by the Financial Ombudsman. They then contacted us here at Timeshare Help and we were able to get them a refund of £8371.00

Mr & Mrs Kydd from Dundee received a refund of £8695.00 from an Incentive leisure Group Membership

David & Patricia from Hereford received a refund of £4000 in March 2013