Mis-sold timeshare costs

12:12 01/12/2015

A mis-sold timeshare can cause untold misery in a person's life. As well as costing well into the thousands of pounds, they will also come with costly maintenance contracts, which have to be paid regardless of whether you can afford it. Here at Timeshare Help, we have won refunds of £28,005

Complaints about timeshare

12:11 30/11/2015

Where do you go when you have a complaint about your timeshare experience? Your resort? Your timeshare club? Most would think these places are where to go first. But we here at Timeshare Help have heard from a shockingly large amount of people who have told us that when they approach

Timeshare help

11:11 23/11/2015

Here at Timeshare Help, we pride ourselves on acting as a champion for people who have been victims of mis-sold timeshares. A shockingly large number of people have been scammed into buying a timeshare – and then potentially scammed again into buying another or paying an upfront fee to a company

Contacting a timeshare club

12:11 22/11/2015

Unfortunately, timeshare clubs are only contactable when they want to be. If you want to speak to them about a problem you're having with your timeshare experience, it may be an impossible task to find the right person to deal with your complaint. If you want to cancel your timeshare within

Office of Fair Trading directive

12:11 16/11/2015

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has barred certain practices favoured by the timeshare sales industry. In a directive issued in 2008 – which was adopted by the OFT's superseding agency the Competition and Markets Authority – the Office banned misleading customers just to encourage them to purchase their product. Unfortunately,

At home on holiday

13:10 13/10/2015

As a people, us Brits are known for wanting things to be as they are at home whilst we're on holiday. We like a full English breakfast in Spain, Premier League matches in Portugal and fish and chips in Malta. It is therefore no surprise that when we are away from

Contacting timeshare clubs

15:09 11/09/2015

If you have grown disillusioned with your timeshare experience, perhaps the logical thing to do is to contact your club to try to find a resolution to any problems you may have. With most other industries, this usually works since companies want to keep consumers happy. But the timeshare industry is

Why you can't sell your timeshare

09:09 03/09/2015

Are you trying to sell your timeshare? Are you finding that it is just about impossible to do so? There are many reasons for this but chief amongst them is the fact that there are just too many timeshare sellers out there. The few who are actually interested in buying a

Will your timeshare leave you with a lifetime of debt?

15:08 25/08/2015

It is possible for timeshare ownerships to be a cost-effective way of holidaying for some people. However, for most people, it just becomes a way of throwing money away. The first payment in a timeshare ownership is typically a large deposit for the pleasure of becoming a member. Then you will

Biggest challenge in timeshare

16:08 24/08/2015

The biggest challenge in the timeshare industry is getting out of the unfair and binding contracts that the clubs are so fond of tying people into. If you decide you're not happy with your timeshare ownership, you may try to get your club to release you from your contract. Unfortunately, timeshare clubs