Timeshare Help – getting you out

13:04 13/04/2016

If you have ever found yourself in a timeshare presentation, it is perhaps unsurprising that you are reading this article. Timeshare sales representatives are so good at persuading people to sign up to their contracts that a huge percentage of these people actually follow through. And they are frequently left regretting this. Unfortunately,

Timeshare contract termination

10:03 24/03/2016

Timeshare sales pitches are widely acknowledged to be amongst the most high pressure hard sells in existence. These sales pitches rely on frustrating people so much that they capitulate and sign the timeshare contract. And they work well. People are often so eager to leave the sales pitch that they will agree

Why you may need Timeshare Help

14:03 02/03/2016

The Timeshare Help team has helped hundreds of clients get out of their lifetime maintenance contracts. This is because, even despite court rulings instructing them that they must, timeshare clubs do not want to release anyone from these binding contracts. When you buy a timeshare, it may not enter your thoughts that

Timeshare factors worth considering

11:02 23/02/2016

When you buy a timeshare, there is a seemingly endless list of things to think about. They include things like how you are going to finance the purchase, whether you are going to have to pay annual maintenance contract fees or if you will be able to afford the flights

Cancelling timeshares

15:02 19/02/2016

Here at Timeshare Help, we have helped hundreds of people with timeshare cancellation. It has become a service that can provide a lifeline to many, with huge numbers of people around the world being caught up in the timeshare scam. Just the word 'timeshare' conjures images in the mind of dodgy

Help to cancel a timeshare

11:02 12/02/2016

Timeshare became popular in the UK during the 1980s, with huge numbers of people taking up the opportunity to own specific weeks at holiday apartments around the world. Spain and Portugal were particularly popular destinations, with the Canary Islands featuring prominently. When these people decided to go ahead with their purchases, it

Timeshare intimidation

12:02 09/02/2016

Feeling intimidated by timeshare sales teams is not uncommon. There have been many reports by Timeshare Help clients of feeling that they were unable to end the meeting or even leave the room they were in because they felt too afraid. This can be down to various reasons. Sometimes there are

Timeshare termination options

13:02 05/02/2016

If you have been struggling with a timeshare ownership, it is possible that we could help you get yourself out of it. Here at Timeshare Help, we specialise in timeshare termination, which means that we could get you out of your ownership. There are many obstacles that timeshare clubs put in front

The money involved in timeshare

10:02 03/02/2016

Timeshare has become a joke around the world for very good reason. It has turned out to be one of the best ways of getting money out of people without actually having to provide much of a service. Apart from the sorts of cowboy rogue traders operating in various areas, such

Before you buy a timeshare

14:02 02/02/2016

There are a huge amount of things to take into consideration before signing a contract tying you into a timeshare contract for the rest of your life. They largely revolve around finances. When you agree to go ahead with a timeshare purchase, you should make sure that you are in a position