EZE Group Europe Limited Found Guilty of Scamming Consumers

14:03 27/03/2018

Timeshare company EZE Group Europe Limited and its directors, Dominic O’Reilly and Stephanie O’Reilly have been found guilty of engaging in aggressive commercial practices. The company used high pressure sales tactics and took consumers to a remote location making them feel trapped. Timeshare companies usually approach consumers whilst they are on holiday

Active timeshare scams

16:03 17/03/2016

BBC Radio 5 Live has stated that in 2015, there were “348 active timeshare scam companies” in operation. This means that there a lot of people out there at risk of being scammed. This is particularly true of people who already own a timeshare. If you are looking to sell your timeshare,

Timeshare scam artists jailed

15:02 16/02/2016

A group of timeshare scam artists has been jailed for a total of 32 years. The gang were sentenced after being found guilty of various fraudulent crimes which involved scamming up to 38 people – typically elderly – out of £1 million. Emma Jelf, Luke Jiminez, Todd Mann, Toby Mann, Richard Buxton, Mandy

Timeshare scam gang being sentenced

16:02 15/02/2016

A gang of timeshare scam artists is being sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court today. They were responsible for targeting elderly and vulnerable people, scamming up to 38 people out of more than £1 million. They even managed to convince one person to pay out £250,000 to their con. The timeshare scam ran from

Timeshare resale companies

13:12 06/12/2015

A new wave of websites offering to resell your timeshare for you have sprung up in the last few years. Timeshare Help has discovered that these timeshare resale companies are often not what they say they are. Most of these companies are simply running an advertising scam. They contact timeshare owners

Scammed by timeshare twice

12:11 28/11/2015

A shocking amount of people have been scammed into buying a second timeshare agreement from unscrupulous firms eager to prey on easy targets. A significant amount of Timeshare Help clients have told us that they signed up for a timeshare contract after being pressured by aggressive sales reps. After realising that

Timeshare transfers

12:11 26/11/2015

As much as timeshare companies are scam artists, perhaps the worst offenders are firms which say they will buy your timeshare from you if you buy one of their 'better' ones. A lot of people are so desperate to get rid of their troublesome timeshares that they will jump at any

Timeshare lies

12:11 18/11/2015

During a timeshare sales pitch, you will likely be told a whole host of convincing 'facts' which you will soon realise were falsehoods. Unfortunately, the timeshare industry is well known for its sales representatives not being very truthful. Honesty is something that is very rarely found in timeshare sales. If you think

A guaranteed way to throw your money away

11:11 15/11/2015

If you've ever wondered what a guaranteed way of losing your money would be, we at Timeshare Help can give you the answer. Timeshare. It is a certain way of throwing good money away. You can be taken in by the timeshare industry in a number of ways. It starts with

How to look out for elderly relatives or friends

10:11 12/11/2015

If you know someone who has been convinced or scammed into buying a timeshare, it might be a good idea to keep a close eye on them. This is particularly relevant if your friend or relative is elderly. As we all know, older people are more vulnerable to scam artists. This