Timeshare Help - Helping you reclaim money lost to Timeshare Scams!

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Have you bought a Timeshare in the last 10 years? Are you one of the thousands of people that were unfairly pressured into a sale by pushy salesmen?

Timeshare Help is here to assist you in claiming back thousands of pounds from Timeshare Companies who have made empty promises simply in order to make a sale, and increase their commissions, with little or no regard for you or your family.

Who can make a Timeshare Claim

We have a very simple approach to claiming back the money you deserve, so if you can answer ‘Yes’ to both of these questions to the right, then there is a strong chance that you could make a claim.

Which Timeshare Companies can I claim against?

In simple terms, almost any. If you have been pressured in anyway to purchase a timeshare then you are entitled to make a claim.

We are all aware of the pressured selling techniques put into place by these companies, and the ways they pushed to take deposits for timeshares was unfair - If you paid any amount as a deposit on your UK Credit Card then you are eligible to make a NO WIN NO FEE CLAIM!

Please be aware that not all timeshares were mis sold but we can assess your timeshare and help you claim if mis-representation has taken place

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